• Aeris Swoppster Happy Ergonomics Active Chair for Kids – Red

    The Aeris Swoppster is suitable for children of kindergarten and primary school age and is height-adjustable (15kg-50kg, up to a height of 160cm). Its movement dimensions promote physical and mental development because movement has been proven to increase concentration and enhance learning. This ergonomic children’s desk chair makes healthy and active sitting possible from the very beginning. With its choice of different colours, the children’s swivel chair is an eye-catcher in every child’s room. Choose from colourful seat covers and a white or black frame and configure the Swoppster in your child’s favourite colour.

    The breathable cover of the Aeris Swoppster in blue is easily removable and even washable. The castors of the black frame can also be replaced with glides (included) if required. Thus, the Swoppster can easily be converted into a children’s desk chair without castors.

  • Inpro Solar Aeroplane Gifting Item – [6522]

    This aircraft has an engine powered by light energy from the sun or a lamp. Your micro motor runs quietly and below the wing two LEDs blink. A beautiful aluminum ornamental object with the famous German quality and an elegant gift wrapping.

  • Inpro Solar Racer Formula 1 Racing 2166 Educational Toy

    Keeps your little one busy with hours of creative play, encouraging imaginative skills
    Vibrant colours stimulate visual development
    Helps to increase creative and logical aspects of brain

  • Inpro Solar Wind Turbine White Wavy 18 cm 65361 Plastic

    No batteries required
    Solar powered wind turbine. Place this miniature Skystream in light to see its blades spin. Some Assembly required Great for Desk Top display
    – When the sun shines on the solar panel, the panel makes electricity
    – Will also work when close to a strong artificial light source

  • Inpro Solar 14 in1 Roll-E Solar Robot Educational Toy 21615

    The solar powered robot can be transformed into 14 different robot modes which include a multitude of comical and functional movements. The robot kit provides unique accessories (included) and parts that make the robot move on land and water. This robot is powered by the sun, no batteries required. There are two levels in building the robot kit. Level one includes : Turtle, Beetle, Quadru, Boat, Walker, Dog & Wheel. After they amuse themselves with the entry level, can challenge their manipulative skills Level two includes: Roll-e Poly, Auto, Slither, Surfer, Zombie, Crab & Row. Additional features includes: adjustable polarity on the solar panel to change direction of motor rotation, retractable robot head which can be quickly stored in the upper body, the robot head can be installed in the front, top or rear of the gearbox, and a transparent housing to see the movements of the gears. No batteries required – When the sun shines on the solar panel, the panel makes electricity – Will also work when close to a strong artificial light source – A fun demonstration of solar power

  • Inpro Solar Wind Wooden Turbine Gifting Item

    Mini wooden solar wind turbine generates electricity from light
    As the sun shines on the solar panel, rotor blades spin
    Exceptional quality and craftsmanship
    Solar cells are encapsulated in a flexible space-approved polymer
    No batteries required-works with the power of sunlight or a halogen lamp

  • Inpro Solar Windgen ABS (White) – 6586

    The Mini Solar Wind Turbine uses a photovoltaic solar cell to generate electricity from sunlight. This electricity drives a miniature motor that turns the rotor blades. The stronger the sunlight, the faster the blades will turn. Small magnets on the base help keep your desk tidy by storing spare paper clips. Exceptional quality and craftsmanship, all of Inpro Solar’s products are made in Germany and make excellent executive gifts. The solar cells used in Inpro Solaras toys and models generate electricity when the sun shines on them.

    This electricity is used to drive a small motor, that then turns a wheel or rotor blade, making the models move in sunlight. Truly the magic of the universe! They will also work under a halogen spotlight, but not under fluorescent or neon light tubes, energy-saving light bulbs or LEDs. Inpro Solar was founded in 1981 at the beginning of the solar technology revolution. From the outset, we wanted to promote solar energy through toys, gifts and everyday objects in the house, garden and office, and our range has expanded over the years to meet ever-increasing demand. Over the past 20 years we have built up a reputation for expertise, consistency and innovation. Uniquely, the solar cells that we use are encapsulated within a flexible polymer approved for space applications, making them exceptionally reliable. For ages 14 and up, assembly required.

  • Inpro Solar House Garden Educational Toy

    When the sun shines on the solar panel, the panel makes electricity
    Will also work when close to a strong artificial light source
    A fun demonstration of solar power

  • Inpro Solar World’s Smalest Wind generator LED

    The world’s smallest wind generator! Blow on it to light up the LED., White 6cm diameter rotor blade on 1cm long clear ABS plastic stalk., When the rotor blade turns it creates electricity to power two blue and one green LED, Novel and educational, a unique gift., Not suitable for under 3s due to small parts.

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